November marked graduation for Soda’s Lift Lite Client Brooke Moore, founder of WRAPT.

Wrapt is a business that seeks to reduce plastic use to help move New Zealand and the world to a more sustainable future by providing an edible, biodegradable, allergy-free plastic wrap alternative, designed to be eaten with the food item or simply peeled off and washed away.

Soda paired Brooke with Food Technologist Andrew Fox, who worked with Brooke to further develop the formula that would be suitable for commercial scale.

Soda provided practical support that helped Brooke turn an ambitious project into a commercially viable business. By introducing  her to Andrew, preparing and up-skilling her for business meetings, or getting her on a plane to attend key events - Soda had to her back.

Brookes innovation and commitment to her company, rightfully secured her the 2019 innovation Girl Boss award. All of Brookes achievements are made even more inspiring knowing that she was juggling NCEA Level 3, Young Enterprise Scheme, 2 jobs and other extracurricular activities at the same time as developing her business, Wrapt.

Brookes graduation presentation to Team Soda earlier this month showed the progress she has made since going through Soda’s programme and given her access to the right connections to take her idea to market.

Congratulations Brooke.