Business Growth

Build capability in
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Our customised programmes and pragmatic, consistent support enable you to identify and avoid roadblocks along the way.

Every business faces challenges and obstacles on the journey to growth and success. At Soda you'll get the quality information and meaningful connections that enable your team to work smarter, building capability in your workforce with connections to our extensive business community. Our workshop and coaching programmes have been developed by industry experts to tackle everyday small business problems and knowledge gaps.


Key Offerings

We believe in people courageous enough to start their own business, brave enough to take their enterprise to a new level. Tenacity defines our Soda community and we welcome like-minded people to join us. Find out how our bespoke business growth coaching courses and workshops can take your venture to new heights.


Our business coaches will work with you to find solutions and new opportunities in your business.

Here at Soda, we believe in growing people in order to grow business and, in turn, grow New Zealand. Your growth contributes to the growth of our communities, our industries, our economy.

We want to help you with that. We know all businesses face their own challenges, but our business coaches have been there, done that. They can provide insight into how to grow your business, they can advise on how to overcome challenges, and they can support you to achieve big things.

Here at Soda, we are ambitious people doing business with ambitious people just like you!


Our workshops have been developed by industry experts specifically for businesses to tackle everyday small business problems and knowledge gaps.

Designed to provide practical and informative advice, each workshop enables you to gain a different perspective on your business environment, tackling problems, challenges and opportunities head-on. Through a rigorous process and a structured framework, every workshop aims to give you the outcomes you need for business growth.

From design-led thinking to ideation and innovation, our workshops are custom designed to your business needs. Whatever opportunity you want to maximise or business challenge you want to overcome, our team can provide you with the strategic framework that enables your business to experience growth like never before.

What our clients say

Salesurge helped us change our view on sales and how to achieve the best outcomes for our business. I went into the session thinking that sales involved replying to customers but we were taught how to be a hunter in the market. It was invaluable for our business and has changed our whole outlook.

- Steve Dolan, founder Bellefield Butter

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Why Soda

Building the extraordinary from the ordinary doesn’t just happen. We are process-oriented. Our goals are achieved through sound advice, clear structures and rigorous attention to detail. Find out how Soda can help you achieve the impossible.

Practical outcomes

Structured and workable action plans to promote growth and positive results.

Bespoke support

Solutions devised specifically to address your most pressing business needs.

Industry experience

Guidance from mentors skilled in resolving the issues your business is facing.

Business connections

Access to a network of high achievers committed to ‘paying it forward’.

Structure and process

Rigorous analysis and planning to develop a realistic yet ambitious strategy.

Sustainable growth

Long-term objectives that influence short-term strategies and actions.

Case studies

At Soda, we’re committed to supporting enterprises that have the potential for sustained growth. Through individualised programmes, workshops and mentoring, we’re supporting entrepreneurs whose companies will contribute to lifting and diversifying New Zealand’s economy.

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Meet the team

Connection, capability, community... meet the Soda Inc. team who love to back brilliant people with game-changing ideas.

Meet the team


Customised start-up support programmes for entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Business Growth

We take small businesses away from today's issues and into tomorrow's opportunities.


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