Over the summer Soda Inc. will begin searching to fill two governance roles, an Independent Director and the role of Chairperson.

Soda Inc. is a not-for-profit start-up support organisation based in the Waikato that works with entrepreneurs across New Zealand.

Soda has been delivering start-up support services for the past nine years and are in a unique position to build on a proven start-up support framework, and have greater impact that will raise the “entrepreneurial IQ” of New Zealand.

The Independent Director position is a perfect opportunity for someone with entrepreneurial experience. The ideal applicant will have a passion for start-ups, have preferably built a successful company, have a solid track record of achieving commercial results, and have strong national business networks. The ideal candidate for the Chair role will have Chair experience.

Both positions require the successful applicant to be able to demonstrate strong governance capabilities and experience.

Soda’s outgoing Chair Graham Gaylard said, “it's always satisfying working with a strong operational team that helps people achieve great outcomes.

“Working with Soda is a rewarding governance opportunity as the organisation is truly focused on helping create a positive impact, not only for the growth of the start-up, but also personal growth for the entrepreneurs driving the business. The benefits of this support transpire on so many levels, from personal growth through to greater economic outcomes”.

He encouraged people to register their interest for the roles as he believed Soda provided “an opportunity to give back and to be a part of making a positive change in business and for the wider community.”

Soda’s acting Chair Rob Heebink said, “Soda is not just about educating entrepreneurs; it's about helping people achieve exceptional results, over and over again. This position is an opportunity to have real impact.”

Since 2009 Soda has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs through a range of events and programmes designed to educate founders, accelerate business creation and growth of early stage ventures.  The range of businesses they’ve worked with is diverse, from all industries including Manufacturing & Design, ICT, Food & Beverage, Biotech, Agritech and Medical Devices.

Applications open 20 Dec - close 25 Jan 2019

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