We have recently welcomed Tim Eiao into Soda's co-working space. The Soda team sat down with Tim to welcome him to our space and get to know him a bit better.

Tim has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Auckland, which led him to working as an architectural designer in Auckland.

Three years ago, Tim made the move to Hamilton, where he now works for GJ Gardner. Tim works in our space alongside fellow GJ Gardner colleague, Steve Jenkins.

On top of design work, Tim supports various GJ teams throughout New Zealand and trains their staff in the businesses new programmes and systems.

Tim's previous work environments have been open planned, so he enjoys being apart of Soda's co-working space because of the modern layout. The relaxed layout at Soda allows him to connect and be social with the other co-workers in the building.

Outside of the office, Tim keeps himself busy by exploring our country. He enjoys hiking and going on great walks.

At Soda we pride ourselves on looking after our clients, this is reflected in our co-working space having a Net Promoter Score of 75.

If you want to experience our co-working environment and perks for yourself, book a tour with Angela through her calendar link.