Steve Jenkins recently joined the Soda co-working space. We sat down with Steve to learn more about his position, experiences and what drove him towards joining a co-working space.

Steve started his career in the industry as a builder but always had an interest in design which inspired him to retrain as an architect almost 15 years ago. Following his study, he worked for a high-end, custom design and build company.

Steve is now the National Design Manager of GJ Gardner, so it’s fair to say Steve knows all the tricks of the trade.

Steve previously worked from home majority of the time and recently bought on another team member, Tim Eiao. This drove Steve to look for a co-working space, to ensure himself and Tim had an office space to collaborate and work together.

Steve appreciates the convenient, central location of Soda’s facilities and being able to work alongside other like-minded individuals or small teams within Soda’s co-working space.

Outside of work, Steve and his wife are big on multi-sports. So much so that Steve recently completed the gruelling Coast-to-Coast event this month!If you are also interested in joining soda’s co-working space – contact Angela for a free tour on 0274377006.