Robbie's took away 2nd place for Soda’s Seed Grant last Thursday night. Business owner, Josie Robinson gave us all the details on her business and what working with Soda has meant for her. Robbie's is a small business who are famous for their original recipe pickled onions, gourmet sauces and awesome people.

A family recipe handed down, saw their pickled onions be so sought after they started selling it. When interest grew, the idea to turn it into a business sparked and here they are almost 5 years later, making the best pickled onions in the game.

The decision to make Robbie’s a full-time job came from a strong gut feeling. It was a feeling too big to ignore, said Josie. This mentality is still very much present within Robbie's kitchen. When creating new products or recipes, she listens to her gut and acts on those, which has proven to be successful.

Robbie’s is committed to creating premium, high quality products every time, this means every product is handmade - Can you believe every onion is individually hand peeled?! Robbie's needed Soda's help to be able to grow. The seed grant not only provided financial assistance, but advice and mentoring.

“There’s no doubt about it, Soda’s Seed grant is going to help our business so much.” The $2,000 grant will be split between repairing the Covid effects on the business and put towards new business aspects around accounting and developing their business plan.

“The whole experience was incredible, I felt on top of the world after I’d finished the process”.

Soda supports all of the businesses who apply with advice, templates, how to's, recommendations and other resources to give you the confidence to develop a detailed pitch and successfully move your business forward.

We are anticipating big things for Robbie’s. Soda cant wait to see their future successes unfold... and get our hands on their pickled onions.

If you would like to talk with someone at Soda about how to grow you business, book a time with our Head of Startups - Rachel Adams.