Daisy Digital Marketing is a boutique agency with a specialist team that helps its clients grow and make money from their marketing activities. As one of Soda's Regional Business Partner service providers, Daisy Digital offer marketing training to business owners. We asked founder, Sarah Imeson, a few questions about the agency and some of her favourite things...

How do you help business owners?

Our focus is on making marketing easy for clients. This can be through coaching and training so clients can do it themselves, or we become an extension of their business and manage their marketing for them. Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and we believe in becoming part of our client's business and successes.

Do you have any top marketing tips for startups and business owners?

Take the time to understand your customers (question everything you assume), who you are talking to, where your product or service sits in the market and the market viability. You can position yourself in the market in a sustainable way when you have a great understanding of this. Remind yourself every day of who you are helping and why.

What or who inspires you?

Young people! (haha, just making myself old here!). There are some incredible people coming into the workforce at the moment, with really thoughtful solutions, creativity and a great attitude towards learning and trying new things. At DDM we work a lot with Uni students and hire grads; we absolutely love what they bring to the team and our clients. They inspire me to be brave!

What three things can’t you live without?

My team (these people are so incredible, their passion for our clients astounds me every day), my family (as any parent knows!) and of course my phone - my work and life is on there (in particular Siri reminders! Those are GOLD for a busy business owner).

Best book, tv show or podcast you’ve enjoyed this year?  

I am loving listening to Jay Shetty's podcast at the moment, he has a lot of great guests and has led an interesting life. I am reading The Wim Hof method - I love what ice baths have brought to my life and recommend everyone give it a go (I HATE the cold and managed to push through, so I am sure you can too!). I'm currently watching a YouTube series with my family called Kara & Nate. They travel the world and I love to travel!

Favourite holiday destination?

In Aotearoa it would be Mt Manganui, it reminds me of my childhood and the beaches are like no other! Outside of NZ I really enjoyed Sri Lanka (it was almost a decade ago since I have been though!), lovely people, great food, beaches, hills, culture and history. Closer to home, Samoa is amazing.

What would you bring to a bbq?

A UE boom - have to have some good music!