Dust&Glow founder, Gaelle Thieme, was one of our 2021 RISE UP finalists. She recently completed Soda's LIFT programme so we asked her a few questions to find out how her business has progressed and her thoughts on the beauty industry.

Tell us about Dust&Glow…

Dust&Glow is beauty reimagined in a powder form. Traditional beauty products are made of up to 90% water and packaged in plastic. Ours contain none. We offer a range of premium skincare and haircare formulas which are vegan, clean and preservative free.

When did you first start working on the concept and when did you launch?

I started working on the concept during the first lockdown in March 2020 and launched in April 2021. The hardest part was to get the formulas right as I didn’t want to compromise on the performance nor the ingredients used.

How did the LIFT programme help your business?

I spent quite a bit of time refining my communication points and conducting customer interviews. I also built my lean canvas with my mentor to set the direction for the future

What did you enjoy most about Soda's LIFT programme?  

I had the chance to be paired with an iconic mentor in the sustainable space, Malcolm Rands (ecostore founder). As a startup, being advised by Malcolm with his wealth of knowledge and success as one of NZ's most sustainable brands was priceless. Thanks to the Soda team, I also got some introductions and great support along the way.

What is your goal for Dust&Glow?

I am on a mission to give back over 1 million days of clean water access to those who need it the most. Overall I am here to bring new meaning to your daily routines. Why pay for water already in your shower?

Tell us what a normal day or week looks like for you?

No week is the same. I can vary from customer meetings, to creating content for social media, to working on new product formulas. As a small business owner I wear all the hats: packer, customer service, sales rep, model for videos….

What’s your daily face care routine?

I have a minimalist but consistent face care routine. I cleanse every morning with Dust&Glow daily polisher, then follow with a hyaluronic serum. At night, I will cleanse (once a week I use the Dust&Glow Detox Cleanser and mask) and follow with a face oil.

What’s your favourite Dust&Glow product?  

The Daily polisher, which is a gentle micropexfoliant packed with potent Vitamin C and super antioxidant NZ blackcurrant. I also love the powder shampoo.

What excites you about the beauty industry?

At the moment it is more about what doesn’t excite me about the beauty industry. I am all about rethinking what we are using and how are products are made. The beauty industry is the top offender for creating plastic waste, contributing to 120 billion units of packaging every year, and sadly most of it is not even recyclable or recycled. It is up to the brands to change the way they operate and reduce their impact on the planet.