Andrew Miller is the lead coach and visionary at Roar Coaching, a Hamilton-based business that empowers people to excel.

Tell us about Roar Coaching and what you offer...

Often if you are good at the technical elements of your job, you are promoted to a leadership role and given bugger all support to make this transition.

We are cheerleaders, arsekickers, supporters and trainers for leaders in business. We do this through leadership development workshops, developing high performing leadership teams, or individual coaching.

We also support organisations to ‘do change better’ by putting people at the heart of any change.

How do you help business owners through the RBP programme?

Through our leadership development workshops, either delivered ‘in house’ or through public sessions. These workshops give leaders the confidence to step into their leadership roles, and get better with the ‘people stuff’.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Heaps! Seeing people's confidence soar. Hearing how teams are more content, joyful and productive through our work together. Hearing people have more time for the important people in their lives, enriching these relationships (kids, partners, friends). Hearing people say they can look the person in the mirror and love the person looking back at them.

Can you tell us about your upcoming leadership programme?

A lot of leaders are still not spending their time in the areas where they can have the most impact. This workshop is delivered in plain language, to give you actual skills you can use straight away. You will leave with more confidence to lead your people. We’ll cover the following:

- Setting direction (what does great look like)

- Empowering your teams and getting them to think (so they don’t come to you for all the answers)

- Delegating more effectively

- Leaning into the dreaded feedback chats (that don’t need to be dreaded!)

Find out more and register.

What or who inspires you?

Business owners that have had the courage to back themselves. It's bloody hard, but worth it. People who are proudly weird, rocking their authentic selves. Everyday Kiwis who are just giving it their all to be the best they can be in the various roles they might play (parent, partner, leader, volunteer, friend).

What three things can’t you live without?

Banter, my $20 ‘slides’ from the Warehouse, golf.

Best book, tv show or podcast you’ve enjoyed recently?

We really got into Ted Lasso – quirky and deep at the same time.

Favourite holiday destination?

Was lucky enough to go to Fiji last year and found it life changing.

What would you bring to a bbq?

Too many beers, average chat, garlic bread, brie, salt and vinegar chips, steak.