Lynk Solution was awarded 1st place in the November round of Soda's seed grant. Georgie Northcoat, the businesses founder caught up with Soda, to give us more insight into her innovative and sustainable product.

Lynk Solution have created a lynk microfiber filter for your washing machine, aiming to bridge the gap between consumerism and sustainability.

The filter removes 93% of microfiber pollution when fitted to any washing machine. Making this a much more sustainable and environmentally focused process compared to existing processes.

Georgie got the idea for Lynk Solution when Covid-19 affected her original plans and resources for the product she had created, which caused her thinking to pivot and use her knowledge of microfiber and microplastics that she gained from previous university research, to drive her idea forward.

Georgie is involved with the startup community in Dunedin, which led her to Soda's social accounts and a last minute seed grant application.

"I found the seed grant experience very smooth sailing and organized and felt this was a testament to Soda's commitment to each business involved to ensure we all had enough time spent with the judges for feedback."

The judging panel challenged Georgie with out of the ordinary questions, which she enjoyed as it was obvious the judges had a lot of expertise and experience in a range of industries. "The  judges saw my business from different perspectives to what I was used to."

The $5,000 grant will be put towards product development, with the future of Lynk Solution looking for skilled people in both design and engineering industries to help perfect the prototype.

If you are looking for a small cash grant to progress your business or idea, our next round of seed grants will open in January, 2021. If you'd like to talk with someone sooner - book a time here.