Jess Molina  is a storyteller. That’s just who she is – a 20 something editor turned actor and TV host, chronic oversharer on the internet, flatlay enthusiast, pasta eater, writer, and fairytale believer from New Zealand. And that’s just her night job.

By day, she’s a cool corporate, helping bring stories to life through her unique brand of storytelling. Somewhere in there she manages to relax and live her best life eating all the food, staying up late to interview celebrities LA time, and sharing her ‘Instagram’ life.

This week she is writing a series of blog posts in the led up to our NZ Startup Bootcamp:

I've seen this quote by Alisa Jacobs pop up everywhere and it's always resonated with me. It seems like these days we are all hustling. Working towards something, chasing a dream, getting our start-ups and side hustles and passion projects off the ground. I can't scroll past Instagram profiles without seeing 'founder/co-founder @' in every second page I click on. It's true - entrepreneurial culture is alive and well.

We are so obsessed with success stories, with how others overcome failure, and how one person's small idea can quite literally turn into an empire and legacy they leave behind. I've always been interested in other people's stories - some would say I'm just nosy - but I love hearing about other people's lives.

I sometimes wish I was one of those founders of something. Because even though I have a side-hustle/passion project, I still hold down a 9 to 5. I feel as though my creative/artistic temperament mean that I shuffle between ideas and need that extra push to finish something. Or maybe I just haven't found 'my thing' yet - you know, that big idea that I feel I can devote my life to get off the ground.

And you know what? That's okay. I think often we forget that we are the founders/EIC's/CEO's of our own lives. That ultimately we have control over how we live our lives, over the work we do, the passions we choose to hone.

That said, while I figure out my 'something', I want to hear about other people who have truly found theirs, who are currently learning as they go, pursuing ideas that they believe in. It's inspiring to see others chase a dream, and I think we need to be celebrating more of that.

I'm partnering with NZ STARTUP BOOTCAMP because I love what they're about. Not only do I get to spend time with some of NZ's most brilliant, creative, and inspiring minds, but I get to see new ideas literally being formed over the course of the weekend. NZ Startup Bootcamp is the only 48 hour startup bootcamp in the country and the teams participating have an intense but highly rewarding weekend ahead of them. I guess so do I. I'll be on the ground capturing the weekend, showing you the highs and lows. I hear there will be some incredible speakers and mentors on the day and I'm sure I'll be leaving the bootcamp inspired and closer to finding my 'thing'.

Everyday this week in the lead up to the event, I'll be sharing some stories from people I find interesting and inspiring, chatting to them about everything from how they got to where they are and what book/movie/film they've seen lately that really struck a chord.

This week is going to be so exciting!