Welcome Address by Peter Meier, Founder & Managing Director, Orokoko GmbH

With a prompt early morning start of the 10th Anniversary FEI Europe innovation conference, around 45 people were present, with others turning up during the morning, to share the highlights of the previous conferences, and look back at how innovation and the technology landscape has changed over the past 10 years.

Peter opened his presentation with a timeline of the top 10 world's biggest companies (market cap) from 2006 to 2016 and we looked at how these top 10 spots had changed over this short window of time from mainly traditional businesses to mainly technology companies.

Highlights, favourite quotes, and key tools and techniques were picked out from each of the years to look at how the speakers, corporates, and startups attending FEI Europe conferences had shared their leading edge knowledge in the innovation sector, building from one year's learnings to the next.

The welcome was closed with a thanks to the team across the years and a recognition of the attendees' organisations' successes over the years of translating innovation into business.

– Dr. Claire McGowan | CEO for SODA Inc.

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