It has recently come to our attention that there are six sushi places within 500 metres of the Soda Inc Coworking Space.

So, to save you from trying to figure out which one is the best our trusty Coworking Coordinator Rikus Wiehahn and our Intern Alex Andersen went out to investigate them all. Check out the video and the ratings to find out where you should be getting your sushi fix!

Here's what they found (all ratings are out of 5):

Bruce Lee Sushi Roll:

Rating: 5
Fighting Good

St Pierre's Sushi:

Rating: 4
Available in packs only

Kobe Sushi and Bento:

Rating: 3
Crazy cheap!

Umi Japanese Kitchen:

Rating: 4
Top quality

Sushi YA:

Rating 3.5
Pretty good

Sushi Hut:

Rating: 0
Closed, "sorry for the convenience"

Sushi Hub:

Rating: 5
Super close really tasty