Our intern Tayla sat down with one of Soda’s newest co-workers, Rebekah Holmes to learn more about her and her business. With experience in multiple industries she provides an interesting and worldly chat.

After spending 20 years as a flight attendant, it’s safe to say Rebekah is well traveled. Her time in the air meant she had the chance to explore the globe, experience lots of once in a lifetime moments, master the art of customer service and visit her favourite locations, Hawaii, Perth and Germany. After living in Townsville, Australia for 5 years, Rebekah made the move back to the mighty Waikato, which led to her current business venture. Rebekah and her husband, Daniel now own Nano-clear and look after the Waikato and South Auckland regions.

Rebekah usually handles all administrative related aspects of the business but is not afraid to get her hands dirty and help out on the tools when needed! Rebekah and Daniel enjoy being self-employed, as it allows them to create their own goals and culture within their business. Rebekah’s customer service experience compliments her husband's practical skill set, which ensures all areas of their business are run efficiently and their customers are satisfied.

Soda’s co-working space became known to Rebekah online, where she thought it was a great idea. After a friend confirmed the space was a great place to work out of, Rebekah made the move! The convenience of being close to her kid’s schools and having all office needs in one space allows her to focus solely on her business when at Soda. Rebekah likes that the lines between her home and work life have been made clear since joining Soda’s co-working space and enjoys being back in an office environment with her new co-workers.

Soda's co-working space has a Net Promoter Score of 75. We pride ourselves on looking after our clients. If you would like to try the Soda experience for yourself book a tour with Angela through her calendar link.