Kelly Pilkington joined Soda’s co-working space last month. We sat down with Kelly to learn more about her background and business.

After spending 7 years at university learning her craft in Building Science and Structural Engineering she moved into a Structural Engineering position at Holmes Consulting and has worked in this industry since 2006.

Kelly took the plunge and now owns her own business, Newton Consulting. This line of work sees Kelly designing the structural framing and foundations that hold buildings up and resist earthquake loads.

Self-employment means Kelly can pick and choose the jobs she takes on. She takes great pride in seeing her plans come to life.

Soda became known to Kelly through a referral from a current co-worker, which prompted her to secure a desk with us. Being newly self-employed, Kelly wanted an area in town to base herself out of for meetings and to access office facilities and services.

Outside of the office you'll usually find Kelly outdoors, either fishing in the Coromandel or hunting in Pureora Forest.

At Soda we pride ourselves on looking after our clients, this is reflected in our co-working space having a Net Promoter Score of 75.

If you want to experience our co-working environment and perks for yourself, book a tour with Angela through her calendar link.