Anneliese Van Wijk is one of Soda's newest coworkers. Our intern Tayla caught up with Anneliese to hear about her background, her current role and how Covid-19 led her there.

Starting her accounting degree at The  University of Waikato and later completing it through Wintec, Anneliese has come full circle by ending up back in Soda’s coworking space inside Wintec House. Post-graduation, Anneliese worked as a Senior Associate for PWC and takes interest in all things accounting and bookkeeping.

Working with a number of clients at PWC, she met her now business partner and splits her time between two businesses. Anneliese is meant to be travelling the world right now, but Covid-19 had other plans. On the upside, this led to an exciting opportunity with her being able to take up her current role at Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is an investment management company, where Anneliese acts as in-house finance and management support to ensure a smooth sailing operation for her clients.

Both businesses Anneliese works with stem from technology and have modern, and innovative plans. Their Wellington-based business focuses on high spec security, for the likes of government and universities, making their work highly confidential. The Auckland-based business focuses on health and safety. She has all the latest on new apps used to improve health & safety systems and what the future of protecting staff at work may look like!

A simple Google search is how Anneliese learnt about Soda. After trialing a few other coworking spaces in Hamilton, it was Soda for the win. Ultimately, it was the homely and relaxed vibe that won her over. Anneliese likes being able to bounce ideas off her new coworkers and learn or offer new business tips and suggestions.

“I really enjoy talking to different coworkers outside of my industry. Coming into Soda, you meet a lot of people who you wouldn’t typically met if you stayed within your own industry.”

Soda's coworking space has a Net Promoter Score of 75. We pride ourselves on looking after our clients. If you would like to experience how we can look after you in a professional & warm workspace - book a tour with Angela at her calendar link.