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We are entrepreneurial match-makers

What do we do

We provide programmes that are 100% customised for startups.

Soda Inc. works with founders from all industry sectors as we know good ideas and opportunities can be found everywhere.

Our programmes are part-time, customised and remote which means our founders have the flexibility to work within their local start-up ecosystem across New Zealand. We operate the Soda programmes remotely using our project management software Teamwork. This enables our founders and Business Growth Mentors to participate in the programmes within their own timeframe and wherever they may be located around the world.

How do we do this?

We create a customised programme by asking each founder what help and support they need and go to market on a case-by-case basis, both locally and internationally, to find the perfect mentor with the right skill set, to work with them on a programme that is aligned around their goals.

The mentors we match are either experienced entrepreneurs who have been there and done it and have the scars on their back to prove it or guru business-people who know how to make a plan and execute.

Soda allowed my company to gain focus on the issues that I needed to address to move quickly from a promising idea to fully fledged business. My business advisor and other experts helped solved some critical roadblocks that were holding up my progress. Having a team of invested supporters at Soda Inc. meant I had plenty of assistance and they were only an email away.

- Susan Wheeler, founder Hop Revolution



Some founders we've worked with


Marian Ruri


Frances Anderson

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 3.46_edited

Susan Wheeler

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 11.30_edited

Georgia Tiatia Fa'atoese Latu


Andrew Bishop

Maggie Mitchell_edited

Maggie Mitchell


Michael & Natashia Lucas

Ben Stanton & Richard Upperton_edited

Ben Stanton


Rikus Wiehahn & Ben Hawken


Michael Briggs


Tony Brunton

Michele Connell

Michele Connell

Nigel Dickinson2

Nigel Dickinson


Linda Bulk

Team Plate Me

Nick Moore & Wendy McGregor

Greg Morgan - LiquidStrip_edited

Greg Morgan

Some Startups we've supported

Potiki Poi.png

Our programmes


If you have a great business idea or startup and an entrepreneurial mind-set, we want to help you develop it further.

The CO.STARTERS programme helps entrepreneurs and business startups by equipping them with the best tools and resources needed to support and grow their business. 

This nine week programme will provide you with the knowledge you need to start your business and grow your understanding of running a business.  It’s NOT a course with lectures, course notes and a certificate of completion.  CO.STARTERS™ is 'hands-on' – where you will work on your idea and have a facilitator coach you along the way and you’ll receive access to world class tools and methodologies you can re-use even after our workshop has ended.

CO.STARTERS is based at Soda Inc. HQ in Hamilton (and other venues in due course and based on demand) where 10 -15 like-minded businesses can work together with two facilitators to widen their understanding of what their business is and needs.


If you’re looking for pragmatic support to solve your current business challenges – look no further. The LIFT Lite programme is customised around your needs.


We sit down with you to first understand what your immediate needs are then design a customised programme to solve these challenges. The duration of this support last up to 3 months.



BOOST focuses on executing the plans made in LIFT and furthering your business with the support of your business growth advisor and team. The BOOST programme can be taken up by founders at a time frame that makes sense to the business and the programmes are not necessarily concurrent. BOOST offers a bigger fund to be allocated to projects that may assist business growth.


However, you can only enter SODA BOOST after completing SODA LIFT.

Not just the Mentors but also all of the other advisers have helped restructure my thinking around how to manage a business. A huge part of the success is the network that builds and establishes relationships because it’s really helped accelerate my business. I’ve also become very good friends with the people at Soda too.

- Maggie Mitchell, co-founder Departure Lounge Caskets

Some mentors we've matched

Alastair Grigg B&W

Alastair Grigg | Waikato

Jenene Crossan_edited

Janene Crossen | Auckland


Samuel Junghenn | Sydney

RR Mills Headshot_edited

Rebecca Mills | Auckland


Vaughan Fergusson | Auckland


Brian Russell | Nelson


Peter Murphy | Australia

Tony Hawken B&W

Tony Hawken | Tauranga

Kelvin Soh

Kelvin Soh | Auckland


Linda Jenkinson | Wellington


Dorenda Britten | Christchurch


Malcolm Rands | Auckland


Eliot Jessep | Waikato

Peter Lehrke_edited

Peter Lehrke | Auckland

Chris Johnson_edited

Chris Johnson | Auckland

Nigel Bamford

Nigel Bamford | Dunedin


Leigh Kite | Tauranga


Brandon Hutcheson | Waikato

I was very happy with the Business Growth Mentors as we were given three to choose from. We were given three amazing options to decide on who we felt understood our business needs and fitted in well with our working style.

- Darren Bainbridge, founder MyApiary

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