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If you’re looking for pragmatic support to solve your current business challenges, look no further. The LIFT Lite programme is customised around your business growth needs.

If you have more questions than answers, ​need to build a prototype to test your idea with your target market, have a product but need to understand where you should sell it, or are unsure of how you should structure your business, you could benefit from our LIFT Lite programme. Available part-time and delivered remotely so it doesn't matter where in New Zealand you are, if you have an idea or a business problem, you can benefit from the support, network and expertise of Soda's business growth ecosystem.

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LIFT Lite Programme

Do you have what you think might be a viable business but lots of questions? Maybe you need a mentor and or business owner to bounce ideas off? Perhaps you’ve started a business but have no formal structure or plan and find yourself winging it? You're not alone and in Soda's three-month LIFT Lite programme, you'll get to connect, network, learn and discuss business do's and don'ts with others in your position.

How much does it cost?

LIFT Lite is for people who are ready to turn their business idea into reality, or have plateaued with their business planning and need expert advice.

  • Your investment is $1,000.00 (incl GST) per business.
  • This programme runs for three months, and is delivered part-time and remotely so you can be anywhere in New Zealand.
  • LIFT Lite is made possible thanks to funding from Callaghan Innovation and philanthropic supporters. Because of this support, we can offer this programme to entrepreneurs and business owners at a hugely discounted rate.
  • In return, we want you to be active, engaged and invested in your own personal development and business success.

How long does it take?

Discover a powerful support network and gain the knowledge for how to move forward with your business faster and more efficiently.

  • This programme is part-time, hands-on and remote, which means you can be based anywhere in New Zealand.
  • We work around your schedule to ensure the programme works for you.
  • We are looking for people who are committed to personal growth and want to invest in speeding up business success.
  • We have a rolling admission process and assess applications for our programme in our monthly committee meetings.
  • We accept applications any time throughout the year, so you can apply when you’re ready.

How do I apply?

If our LIFT Lite Programme sounds like it could benefit your business idea, register your interest or get in touch to discuss your application.

  • We will assess your submission against our selection criteria.
  • Book a 30-minute diagnostics session so we can get to know you and your business better, and find out how LIFT Lite can help you.
  • Present your business in a pitch deck / exec summary and video submission, which will be reviewed by our friendly dragons’ den who meet monthly.
  • We will schedule a Q&A session with the panel via a video call or in person.
  • If your pitch is successful, you will then be invited to join the Soda LIFT Lite programme.

Pōtiki Poi

On the back of a school fundraiser, 12-year-old Georgia Latu and her Mum, Anna, approached Soda to find if they could turn the school fundraising initiative of selling authentic poi into a profitable business. Soda provided the support and Pōtiki Poi is now the world's largest poi supplier.

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What our clients say

Soda allowed my company to gain focus on the issues that I needed to address to move quickly from a promising idea to fully fledged business. My business advisor and other experts helped solved some critical roadblocks that were holding up my progress.

- Susan Wheeler, Founder, Hop Revolution

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