BOOST your Capital Raise Strategy with Soda's support

Our BOOST programme is about connecting you with the right mentor and resources to support you on your Capital Raise Strategy.

If you’re looking for pragmatic support to give you insights into developing a capital raise strategy that will enable you to scale sustainably – look no further. The BOOST programme is customised around your needs. We sit down with you to first understand what your immediate capital raising needs are then design a customised programme to help develop out a clear captial raise strategy for you. You will be matched with a mentor who will be someone who has successfully raised capital before to guide you through the programme.

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BOOST Programme

We love to work with curious, creative and courageous people. For our BOOST programme - we want to focus on businesses that are ready to go global! We want to help you take it to the world.

Who are we looking for?

Does your business identify with any of these points? ​ If yes, you're the kind of business we want to give a boost!

  • Our market is validated and needs investment to scale
  • We have minimal experience at raising capital and need structure and a roadmap
  • Our business is disruptive, scalable and has unique intellectual property
  • We would benefit from legal and financial guidance in the capital raising process
  • We're ambitious and coachable

No Equity and No Fees

For our 2021 BOOST programme, in lieu of fees the client company agrees to being showcased as a Soda success story and, upon building a successful company, the founder will donate up to 20 hours of mentor time to ‘pay it forward’ to future entrepreneurs in Soda programmes.

How does it work?

The programme will kick off with mentor matching. Then, there will be three workshops during the programme where we will have experts sharing their knowledge on the Capital Raising Journey from a Financial, Legal, Investment and Startup perspective. The programme will finish with a boutique Investor Showcase.

  • 13 September - Programme starts
  • Week 1: Mentorship planning session
  • Week 2: Workshop 1: Capital Raise Strategy I
  • Week 6: Workshop 2: Capital Raise Strategy II
  • Week 10: Workshop 3: Pitch Coaching
  • Week 11: Investor Showcase

Mentorship | Funding | Network

  • 10 Weeks of Expert Mentorship from a business advisor who has previously raised funds
  • Up to $4K of seed funds to cover programme travel costs and expert advice around legal, financial and pitch coaching aspects of the process
  • Access to the extensive Soda network and events that take place throughout the year

How do I apply?

If you meet the following criteria, then you're ready to apply:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for mentorship and a uniquely curated network
  • People living anywhere in New Zealand
  • People with a product that has been validated in the market and needs investment to scale
  • People with a business that has potential for scale, unique IP or an interesting business model

Next Steps

Applications close: August 27

Complete the application form below and we will be in contact with you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Growing people in order to grow business

With the help of Soda and ASB, Donnamaree Ryder has taken voice activated accounting software, to a global network.

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What our clients say

What our finalists say

Soda’s BOOST programme really helped me to reframe my thinking around what’s important in terms of the business, with the business’ needs and customer needs.

- Darren Bainbridge, Founder, MyApiary


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