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Soda Inc.

Startup Seed Grants


Got an innovative idea that needs a little funding to push it forward?

Apply for Soda's Startup Seed grants!

How to Apply

Film a 60 second video selling us your idea. 

Complete the application form below with supporting information describing your idea, the problem its solving and you are going to roll it out. 


Upload your video and submit your application. 

  • Applications open 19 April 2021

  • ​Applications close 7 May 2021

  • Shortlisted applicants contacted for 30min meeting by 14 May 2021

  • Pitch event (online) 27 May 2021

  • Funds distributed and 1:1 mentoring sessions set up by 4 June 2021


  • I have a unique or innovative startup idea but just need a small cash injection to get it off the ground and test it with the market.

  • I have been working on developing my startup for a while but am at a standstill due to lack of funds.

  • I have some form of market validation aka some evidence that customers want to pay for my product or service.

  • My business is potentially scalable and might have unique intellectual property.

  • My business could be a high value brand opportunity for NZ.

  • I need investment to get my product or service to market but have been told by investors I’m too early or I haven’t tried yet and want to get my ducks lined up.

  • Business must be registered in New Zealand.


  • Film a 60 second video selling us your idea.

  • Stand out by formulating your your idea using a pitch deck. You can use this template as a guide. ​

  • To stand out event more, use a programme like Loom to record your 60 second pitch. You are also welcome to use your phone - it doesn't need to be flash.

  • Fill out the form below and submit by Friday 7 May 2021

  • Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll invite those who are shortlisted for a 30-minute meeting (online) so we can get to know you and your business better.

  • Following the 30min meeting we'll invite you to prepare a pitch deck / presentation for a pitch to our seed grant panel for a live Q&A session (online or in person depending on location). 

  • You'll present to our panel on 27 May. You'll find out on the night if you are a recipient of a Soda Seed Grant. 



                             *all submissions are bound by confidentiality.

Soda has worked with more than 700 startups over the past 10 years, so we know how hard it is to come by seed funding to push an idea or business forward.

Soda's seed grants initiative also includes customised mentoring sessions, to push innovative ideas forward.

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