Soda Inc. is proud to introduce one of our newest startup clients: VidFunder

Martin and Hendrik van Blerk are the latest to be accepted into our LIFT programme. The entrepreneurial father and son duo are building their business, VidFunder.

VidFunder is a platform where YouTubers can gain funding from their fanbase for any video idea they have. Simply make a VidFunder account, create a campaign for your video idea, and share it with your subscribers, who in turn donate upwards of $1 to see that idea come to life!

The pair have been partnered with technology creative Niko Croskery.

Niko is the Chief Product Officer at Whalar. Whalar is an influencer marketing platform on a mission to 'Liberate the Creative Voice'.

We recently caught up with the tech savvy team to find out more about them.


What got you into your line of work and how did you end up where you are?

I've always loved looking for solutions to any problem I can find; the creativity of problem solving fills me with an excitement I cannot find elsewhere. As such I have found myself where I am now, at VidFunder. VidFunder was one of these solutions I discovered, to a problem I knew I could solve. I love what I do, the freedom that comes with being your own boss and bringing your ideas to life is something I wouldn't trade for anything else! 

What are you looking forward to getting out of this process with Soda?

I cannot wait to immerse myself and VidFunder into the Soda program. Learning from those far more experienced than me, and putting that knowledge into practice, is what I most look forward to! We are truly blessed to have Soda take us on board, we can't wait to make the most of the opportunity! Tell me something not everyone knows about you?

I've always been drawn to business, which I feel is quite unique in the sense that it started at a young age. While classmates dreamt of being astronauts and athletes I can still recall myself thinking without a doubt that I wanted to solve problems and invent things! Oh, and I love eating watermelon with a spoon. No, it's not weird... okay maybe a little.


What got you into your line of work and how did you end up where you are?

I love finding solutions to problems, especially when it is applying innovative technology solutions to solve, improve or automate business processes which increase efficiencies and savings.

I have been involved in property developments, various start-ups over time and consulting to businesses to help increase efficiencies by automating their business processes using latest and innovative technology solutions.

Fact is, you either become a software developer or focus on growing your business and let others worry. Or, you spend millions to develop, support and keep their software current in a rapid and ever changing environment where we are experiencing disruptive technologies as a common place occurrence.

What are you looking forward to getting out of this process with Soda?

Mentoring, connections, support, VidFunder proof of concept and helping us make VidFunder a huge Kiwi success story!

Tell me something not everyone knows about you?

After graduating as a Civil Engineer I resigned my 1st job within a year as civil engineer. I vividly remember when I realised that I couldn’t see myself doing engineering for the rest of my life, and of course my parents disappointment after just completing a 4 year degree. However, I was more of an entrepreneur and enjoyed the flexibility and freedom of working for myself. I then ventured into property, business & ICT services, while still applying my problem solving skills and logic learned from my engineering education.


What got you into your line of work and how did you end up where you are?

I've always loved technology and building businesses. I started my career as a commercial M&A lawyer in both NZ and the UK, before starting my own software and consultancy company. I've been involved with many tech & ecommerce startups, providing business, legal, strategy, product and marketing advice to over 300 clients in 13 countries. I was a member of the founding team at Whalar - a global influencer marketing platform - where I now run all things product and tech.

What are you looking forward to getting out of this process with Soda?

I'm looking forward to helping Martin and Hendrik get an MVP to market to validate their assumptions and build a profitable business in an exciting and growing space.

Tell me something not everyone knows about you?

I can free dive to 20m!