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Soda Inc.

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We’ve worked with a lot of startups over the past 10 years and we know how hard it is to come by seed funding to push an idea or business forward.


Do you have an idea for a great startup? Do you need help to transform your idea into reality?


We’ve worked with a lot of startups over the past 10 years and we know how hard it is to come by seed funding to push an idea or business forward.


Soda is trialling small seed grants for startups. No strings attached - just straight cash to help develop your business or idea. We have $5,000, $2,000 & $1,000 grants available.

What's the process?

  • Fill out this form. If you want to talk to someone before you do, call us (07) 974 9111.

  • Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll step will a 30-minute meeting (online or in person) so we can get to know you and your business better.

  • If your business fits the criteria, we will invite you to prepare a pitch deck / exec summary and video submission for review by our grants committee. We'll give you the templates, guides and support you in this process.

  • We’ll then let you know if you’ve been a successful of a Soda Startup Grant.

*all submissions are bound by confidentiality

Criteria - do you identify with this? 

  • I have a unique or innovative startup idea but just need a small cash injection to get it off the ground and test it with the market.

  • I have been working on developing my startup for a while but am at a standstill due to lack of funds.

  • I have some form of market validation aka some evidence that customers want to pay for my product or service.

  • My business is potentially scalable and might have unique intellectual property

  • My business could be a high value brand opportunity for NZ

  • I need investment to get my product or service to market but have been told by investors I’m too early or I haven’t tried yet and want to get my ducks lined up.

  • I’m based in New Zealand.


If any of these points sound like you, apply for the seed grant below.

Susan Wheeler,

founder Hop Revolution

Soda allowed my company to gain focus on the issues that I needed to address to move quickly from a promising idea to fully fledged business. My business advisor and other experts helped solved some critical roadblocks that were holding up my progress. 

Darren Bainbridge,

founder MyApiary

I was very happy with the Mentors as we were given three to choose from. We were given three amazing options to decide on who we felt understood our business needs and fitted in well with our working style

Wendy McGregor &

Nick Moore,

founders PlateMe

"As a startup, we have found Soda Inc. to be invaluable. They matched us with the perfect business growth mentor and have helped us meet with many expert advisors. Our Soda journey has been the best business decision we have made so far!"