Grow the sales confidence in your business.

Looking to simplify your sales process?

Do you want to create or reinvent your sales pitch?

Or lift the sales confidence within your team?

Our focus is to give businesses simplified tools to equip themselves and their team to use everyday to convert leads into paying customers

We understand that time is money, so we've narrowed down what you need to know so you can start implementing and getting results.

What you'll get from Salesurge

Closing techniques suitable to your business.

A plan and structure to effectively manage sales conversations.

Increased confidence in how to sell your product or service.

Clearer picture of your customer and how you differentiate from competitors.

This workshop is for businesses who:

  • Sell B2C and/or B2B.

  • Wear multiple hats in their business and need to up their sales game.

  • Are prospecting new business development.

  • Have just started or entered the market.

  • Want to implement a sales strategy into their business.

  • Are looking to get the competitive edge in the market.

Over the two-hour session, we will cover

The key pillars of sales relevant to all businesses.

Knowing your customer and building their trust.

Techniques and tools to improve customer engagement.

Closing techniques and sales scripts.

Creating and defining a sales funnel and managing the pipeline.

Any questions or want to bring your full team, get in touch.

Two-hour workshop | $159.99 incl. GST & processing fee*

*Tickets are purchased through Eventbrite which includes processing fees. Standard workshop price $149+GST.