10-week Rebuild programme facilitated by Soda Inc and guest industry experts.


You will recieve:

  • Detailed hardcopy manual
  • Experienced facilitator guidance through Rebuild
  • Group problem solving sessions
  • Ongoing support through Soda Inc.

Rebuild 10-week Programme

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  • This 10-session program will help you refocus your business, stabilize it, and build toward long-term recovery. Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers, you’ll cover topics relevant to the current COVID-19 challenges in a series of ten 2.5-hour sessions.


    Created by CO.STARTERS, an internationally recognised business support provider in the United States and facilitated by Soda Inc.

  • What stage or type of business is Rebuild best for?

    Rebuild is designed for existing businesses who are in operating stage. If they are just in concept but haven’t launched, other Soda Inc. programs may be a better fit. Rebuild is intended for early or small stage businesses from any industry or market, including solopreneurs or freelancers. It is not optimized for high growth companies or entrepreneurs seeking investment.

    I'm not sure I can commit to the full program. Can I do part of it?

    Rebuild is for committed entrepreneurs who want and need help, and a commitment to all sessions is required. We believe your wellbeing and your business are priorities, and we trust you’ll find the few hours you spend each session with your peer group working on your business problems together will become one of the most valuable and fulfilling parts of your routine.

    Can the sessions be done back to back in a shorter timeframe?

    CO.STARTERS recommend  Rebuild sessions be run once or twice a week at most, but we will look to run condense and extended programmes depending on what each cohort prefers. We have found it to be very important to allow adequate space between sessions for processing and applying what they’ve learned. Rebuild is also designed for business owners who are actively working in their business, often with little or no support.

    Why is the programme so long? This seems like an intense time commitment.

    Rebuild typically runs 10 weeks but can be offered in as few as 5 by running 2 sessions per week. If you are serious about saving your business but don’t know what to do, Rebuild is well worth the time. The approach we use with Rebuild is a trusted model of providing deeper support for a longer period of time, which helps reduce overwhelm and allows businesses to tackle issues one step at a time with valuable peer support.


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