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Soda Inc.

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We connect you with the right people and resources to get you there faster...

Our programmes



Every programme is different, at first we want to understand where you are at and want to get to know you and your current needs. We then work with you to craft a programme that is customized and will have the greatest impact.


The difference between the LIFT & BOOST programme is budget, duration and your matched mentor. You start with LIFT and if things are tracking well, you can move into BOOST to work with a mentor for longer and access the increased budget. 


You get a perfectly matched successful entrepreneur as a mentor, who will get your thinking right, build your confidence and open their networks to help you get to where you need to be faster.


You’ll also get access to Soda Inc. partners, wider networks, shared space if needed, and specially curated experts based on your needs. These might include lawyers, storytelling experts, taxation experts, HR strategists etc. You name it and we curate your support network to the highest standard.

As a startup, we have found Soda Inc. to be invaluable. They matched us with the perfect business growth advisor and have helped us meet with many expert advisors. Our Soda journey has been the best business decision we have made so far!

- Wendy & Nick, founders of PlateMe

Wondering if you’re eligible to apply?

We love to work with curious, creative and courageous people. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a chimney, flying car, app or coffin - as long as you’re ambitious and want to learn, we will help you take it to the world.

  • Entrepreneurs looking for mentorship and a uniquely curated network

  • People living anywhere in NZ from Cape Reinga to the Bluff

  • People with just a business idea or a fully formed business idea and a prototype

  • People with a company that is in the early stages of selling their product or service

  • People with a business that has potential for scale, unique IP or an interesting business model

  • Solo founders or a teams of founders

  • Young and old founders – all experience levels welcome

  • People with an entrepreneurial itch from all walks of life 

  • We embrace the inexperienced with a big dream

  • We love people, who aren’t afraid to ask questions, wonder and be puzzled


I was very happy with the BGA’s as we were given three to choose from. We were given three amazing options to decide on who we felt understood our business needs and fitted in well with our working style.

- Darren Bainbridge, founder MyApiary

Client Investment

We are looking for founders to be active, engaged and invested in their own personal development and business success, which is why we require you to contribute a monetary contribution of $150 a week throughout the 12-week programme and a 5% equity stake in your business. 


Soda Inc. is a not-for profit organisation. The idea behind the equity is that one day your company will be successful and these shares could pay for future entrepreneurs to come through a programme for help just like you did - a 'pay it forward approach'.  Founders who have received invaluable support on their journey through a Soda programme love knowing that their success will one day be able to pay for another entrepreneur needing support.

How it works...


Let us know about your idea.

We work with founders from all industry sectors, anywhere in the country.

It all begins with a chat.


Pitch to Team Soda

They are tasked with looking at your business from all aspects and decide who enters our programmes.


Together we find the perfect Business Growth Advisor for you.

Aligned with your goals and what you need to grow your business, we go to market to find the right person to work with you.


LIFT begins. Let the magic happen.

Founders work hand in hand with their matched BGA to grow their business and learn.

Who are we?

We’re real people. We’re as kiwi as you get - humble to the core but ambitious as hell.


We believe in people first and business second. We are comfortable with the misunderstood. It all starts with a conversation.


We are relentlessly realistic and positive. We’re gentle but firm. We’re boutique and personal.


Common sense is in our DNA.

My product is very tech-focused and they definitely found a BGA who was able to understand it from a high-tech level and not someone who just focused on marketing a business idea. 

- Kai Cuff, founder 99 Reviews