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Coworking news: Software specialist tipped for Hi-Tech Award

A Waikato technologist who, with his business partner, established a Silicon Valley level company in the region, is a finalist in the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards. David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes founded software specialist Company-X in Hamilton in 2012. Company-X is one of our coworking companies here at Soda Inc. David was named a finalist in the IBM Most Inspiring Individual Award at an entrants’ event in Auckland on March 27. “I’m really very excited to be named a finalist in the Inspiring Individual category of the Hi-Tech Awards,” David said. “I'm in very great company.” The other finalists in the category are Rocket Lab chief executive and technology officer Peter Beck, Xero managing di

Coworking profile: Synchrony Global

Frenchman Nico Hadj-Blaha is the Vice President of Sales for Australia and New Zealand at Synchrony Global, a Rizing HCM company. He’s also one of our hard-working coworkers here at Soda Inc. But it took him a few countries to get here. He started his tech career in Paris, then moved to London, Sydney and Singapore, before moving to Morrinsville, which Nico said was a bit of an adjustment. Nico has been with Synchrony Global since 2016. The global company specialises in Human Resources (HR) and Payroll, but they differ from other like-minded companies by using technology as an equaliser – one could say they are the Uber for HR. “In a nutshell, HR has been very focused on payroll and paying p

Capital Education Workshop with Cameron Taylor

Cameron Taylor – Partner at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts facilitated a Capital Education workshop in partnership with Soda Inc & Callaghan Innovation to help business owners have a better understanding of New Zealand's capital raising landscape in Hamilton earlier this month. The workshop was attended by over 30 entrepreneurs, business owners of small and medium sized enterprises all looking to raise capital. Cameron said there were many sources of capital starting with yourself, friends and family. Others he highlighted were the obvious traditional lenders (banks etc), crowd funding, incubators/accelerators, professional investors (portfolio approach), venture capital, investment companies, pr

Meet the judges for NZ Startup Bootcamp 2019

This year’s judging panel for NZ Startup Bootcamp is absolutely stellar! With pros from four very different corners of the business world: Dame Julie Christie, technology entrepreneur Vaughan Fergusson, eco-man Malcolm Rands, and Idealog’s busy editor Elly Strang. We asked them the same three questions so you can get to know them a bit better. Read more to learn about how Vaughan’s mums big bet during his childhood paid off, how Elly scored a last-minute interview with Titanic director James Cameron, what instrument Malcolm used to play in a Glam Rock band and what Dame Julie regrets. Vaughan Fergusson: Vaughan Fergusson is the founder of Vend, a New Zealand high-growth tech success story, a

Coworker profile: 3DAV Ltd

With an entrepreneurial mindset, a cheeky request, and a near death experience, Patrick Wood successfully started 3DAV in April, 2016. The business has grown rapidly, with client requests from all over New Zealand. In the Soda co-working space, we have an exciting variety of companies and Patrick – founder of 3DAV Ltd has been part of our community for over two years. 3DAV has grown so fast in that time, Patrick is now off to Christchurch to pursue bigger and better contracts! Our Student Intern, Xanthe Garahy, gives us an insight into the company and how it all began. 3DAV is a 3D Visualisation company – they create images of potential buildings to show what they will look like upon buildin

Soda Inc. is proud to introduce one of our newest Soda LIFT incubation clients: Beyond Your Belly.

Beyond Your Belly is made up of dynamic duo Michael Briggs and Tony Brunton, it’s a program designed for men by men, to improve physical and mental health. The pair meet with their new Australian-based mentor, Samuel Junghenn, for the first-time last week to talk about their startup business. Samuel is a serial entrepreneur with a burning passion for online marketing. While they were here we managed to ask them a few questions and snap a photo of the trio laughing at one of Tony’s one liners – check out what they had to say below. Michael: What got you into your line of work and how did you end up where you are? The line of work I have always been in is writing. I started out as a journalist