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Staff profile: Xanthe Garahy

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. including our current Management Studies Intern, Xanthe Garahy. In this Q&A style staff profile, you will get to learn about why Xanthe would be a giraffe if she could, what she needs to apologise to her mum for, where she would travel if she could and much more. Who inspires you? Those who have succeeded in life despite growing up in a disadvantaged environment. The lengths people have gone to in order to improve their lives or others is often times unbelievable. It inspires and encourages me to use my privileges I clearly have, to make something of myself and to help pull those around me up higher. What’s the best concert you ever atten

Advisory Board Workshop with Louise Broekman

Research shows small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with advisory boards perform better in terms of sales, productivity and profitability and 86% of business leaders with access to advisory boards say they had a significant impact on the success of their business. However, only 6 percent of SMEs establish an advisory board and benefit from this untapped potential resource. Louise Broekman, founder and CEO of the ground-breaking Advisory Board Centre visited Hamilton last Friday to share her insights in a workshop run in partnership with Faraday and Soda Inc. – hosted by ASB. In a room full of directors, entrepreneurs and executives of small and medium sized enterprises, Louise conducted a pr

Coworker profile: Hudl

Hudl is a leading software company revolutionising the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. It’s a global company that has a New Zealand-based team in our Soda Inc. co-working space since 2015. Hudl’s New Zealand and Pacific Islands General Manager Matt Toulson recently told us all about his journey with the worldwide company and how he got there. Hudl offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with data and create quality presentations for a range of performance applications. The whole experience is available offline or online, giving coaches and athletes secure access in the working environment and on the go. As a sports industry professional for

Staff profile: Kyra Piccione

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. including our Communications & Events Coordinator Kyra Piccione. In this Q&A style staff profile, you will get to learn about the best concert Kyra has ever been to, what animal she’d like to be, why she watches Titanic once every year and much more. Who inspires you? Freddie Mercury, Val McDermid, and Dave Grohl are probably my biggest inspirations. Freddie because he wasn’t afraid to be himself. Val because she is an incredible writer. Grohl because he never gave up his dream. What’s the best concert you ever attended? The Foo Fighters, 2015, Mt Smart Stadium – I wrote about it and it became my first ever published article. If you could

Soda Inc. presents NZ Startup Bootcamp: Registrations of interest open now

Soda Inc. is excited to announce a new name for its biggest event, previously known as Innes48, NZ Startup Bootcamp is going to be huge. The weekend long business bootcamp will provide a platform for participants to test their entrepreneurial skills, test and validate an idea they’ve had or get feedback and exposure on a startup they’re building from talented mentors and business legends. The bootcamp will be held at the Wintec Atrium in Central Hamilton over May 17 – 19. Soda Inc. Head of Operations, Rachel Adams, is encouraging people with innovative business ideas or a startup to register their interest for a place in the 20 available team spots to participate in the weekend. There are t

Staff profile: Anna Devcich

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. including our awesome Community Coordinator Anna Devcich. In this Q&A style staff profile, you will get to learn about who inspires Anna, the four people (living or dead) she would most love to have dinner with, what colour she would be if she was a crayon and much more. Who inspires you? Beyonce – she’s fearless, focused, driven, talented. A musician, business mogul, feminist and mother. What’s the best concert you ever attended? Pearl Jam at Mount Smart supertop 1995. One of the Finn brothers came out and played some Crowded House songs – an awesome surprise and made for a great night with mates! If you could be any animal, which would

Coworking tips: Best sushi within 500 metres of Soda Inc

It has recently come to our attention that there are six sushi places within 500 metres of the Soda Inc Coworking Space. So, to save you from trying to figure out which one is the best our trusty Coworking Coordinator Rikus Wiehahn and our Intern Alex Andersen went out to investigate them all. Check out the video and the ratings to find out where you should be getting you sushi fix! Here's what they found (all ratings are out of 5): Bruce Lee Sushi Roll: Rating: 5 Fighting Good St Pierre's Sushi: Rating: 4 Available in packs only Kobe Sushi and Bento: Rating: 3 Crazy cheap! Umi Japanese Kitchen: Rating: 4 Top quality Sushi YA: Rating 3.5 Pretty good Sushi Hut: Rating: 0 Closed, "sorry for th

Staff profile: Erin Wansbrough

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. and our CE Erin Wansbrough is no exception! She is exceptional! In this Q&A style staff profile you will get to learn about Erins' favourite books (she can’t pick just one!), the craziest thing she has ever done (in snippets, it requires a bit of guessing), what animal she would be if she could, and much more. Who inspires you? People who have risen above hardship or turned their life around from a circumstance. There are so many in life, business and history. Their courage to stand up when others would stay face down and to push the limits of their current reality to create the future they believe in. Dr Paul Wood is a quiet New Zealande