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Co-worker profile: Aware Group, taking on the world with tech

In the Soda co-working space, we have all sorts of companies, Aware Group has been with us since 2017 and has an incredible story. They have grown so much since they kicked off that they now need a bigger space! Our resident journalist, Kyra Dawson, caught up with co-founder Brandon Hutcheson recently to learn about their journey. Just over two years ago two young entrepreneurs entered the Tertiary Information Technology Awards, now they have a global multimillion dollar business. Aware group was formed in October 2016 by Jourdan Templeton and Brandon Hutcheson, both contractors for Wintec. Brandon was a project manager and Jourdan a solutions architect. The pair had spent a year developing

Staff profile: Rachel Adams

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. including our Head of Operations, Rachel Adams. In this staff profile you will get to learn about Rachel's love for concerts, what animal she’d like to be, why she likes reading annual reports and much more. Who inspires you? People who are willing to put themselves outside of their comfort zone to either make a change, improve lives, learn or experience new things. My mother has led a life where she's often been ‘30 years’ ahead of the curve. Be it with education, healthcare, food choices, ways of approaching problems etc. She didn't succumb to societal pressures and follow the norm. Without these people, questioning ‘is there a better w

Learning politics with the help of Holly Bennett

At Soda Inc. we love to learn, especially from experts who know exactly what they are talking about! Which is why we spent an afternoon with Holly Bennett, founder of HSB Government Relations, learning all about, you guessed it, government relations! As a team, we reflected on our take home notes and each wrote down our top five learnings. Some of our take homes crossed over, but we managed to come up with a top 15 between those of us who attended; Erin Wansbrough, Rachel Adams, John Wilkinson, Anna Devcich and Kyra Piccione. 1. The opposing MP holds some power over the current MP, as they can ask questions and those questions have to be answered within five days. This process is called the

Staff profile: Rikus Wiehahn

We have some amazing people working here at Soda Inc. including Coworking Co-ordinator Rikus Wiehahn. In this Q&A style staff profile you will get to learn about Rikus' favourite movie, who inspires him, the craziest thing he has ever done and much more. Who inspires you? People that push forward human frontiers. It's different for every generation. 2000 years ago it was mostly warriors and statesmen, 1000 years ago it was priests and kings, 500 years ago it was explorers and philosophers, 250 years ago it was scientists and inventors, 100 years ago it was the industrialists, 50 years ago it was astronauts and aerospace engineers, 20 years ago it was computer geeks. Right now I think/hope we