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Soda Inc.

Wintec House, Level 2 

Cnr of Anglesea & Nisbet Streets


New Zealand

+64 7 974 9111


Soda Inc. is searching for two new Board members for the new year

Over the summer Soda Inc. will begin searching to fill two governance roles, an Independent Director and the role of Chairperson. Soda Inc. is a not-for-profit start-up support organisation based in the Waikato that works with entrepreneurs across New Zealand. Soda has been delivering start-up support services for the past nine years and are in a unique position to build on a proven start-up support framework, and have greater impact that will raise the “entrepreneurial IQ” of New Zealand. The Independent Director position is a perfect opportunity for someone with entrepreneurial experience. The ideal applicant will have a passion for start-ups, have preferably built a successful company, ha

A refreshing new strategy for Soda Inc.

Soda Inc. went through a strategic refresh this year, to regroup on what it was doing and what it was delivering to its clients. And although Soda is still about supporting startup entrepreneurs, it is also about scaling for growth, educating and building competency. That means Soda wants to help all businesses, not just startups. Beyond 2019 Soda will be looking to help any businesses that are looking to grow. CE Erin Wansbrough said Soda’s refresh was focused from the outside-in. “We spoke to many clients who have been through our programs, just to get really clear on whether we felt what we were delivering was what they were getting and also to understand the reasons why they engage.” She