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Leveraging Local Innovations to Drive Global Competitiveness and Cost Advantage

FEI Europe 2016 presentation by Harald Gruebel, Executive Vice President of R&D, AVTOVAZ This story started 50 years ago with Russia needing a robust car for the masses, and the Lada 1200 was the result. The Fiat 124 was used as the base car design, and then it was totally reengineered with almost all components changed and improved for the harsher conditions in Russia. At the peak 300k cars were also being exported. The Lada Niva was then designed that basically started the SUV segment. This 4x4 used Russian engineering, global production and was a localisation champion. It is the longest-running true 4x4 and is still in demand in the EU today. Then something went wrong. In the 90's and

Winning the Global Innovation Game

FEI Europe 2016 presentation by James Millar, Director of Partnerships, MassChallenge MassChallenge is a startup accelerator programme originating from Boston, MA in the US (masschallenge.org) and claim to be 'the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet'. This not-for-profit has their focus on impact over equity and is generating some impressive statistics: over 50k jobs created, over £ 1bn funding secured, and 83% of their accelerator clients are still active. James is based in their London office (they have 5 locations globally) and he shared with us 8 insights for large corporates they find are important in working with startups and winning the global innovation game. 1 Unders

How will Future Trends Influence Tomorrow's Business and What are the Future Competencies we Nee

FEI Europe 2016 presentation by Ewald Babka, Innovation Director, Happy Plating This presentation was about two things: (1) how a team from an Austrian Research Centre successfully built a tech startup, and (2) the process they used to determine where their future opportunities may lie. 1 Company History Happy Plating (happyplating.eu) is a company that uses electrochemical coating technologies to provide flexible process solutions for high performance coatings. The original three co-founders were in the Research Centre for Advanced Electrochemistry, and have grown the company to now employ 11 graduates, have a turnover of € 1m, and 65% of their product exported. In early 2016 Hirtenb

Dot Collecting - The Habit of Great Creative People

FEI Europe 2016 keynote presentation by Dave Birss, Author, A User Guide to the Creative Mind @davebirss With a lively, Scottish history to start his presentation, Dave had the room's attention. He quickly lead us into the reasoning behind the title for his presentation. Dots are pieces of information - inputs - and your brain can only work with what you put in, so he recommends to get in the habit of putting good input (dots) in your head. Also, most people collect the same type of dots, so therefore tend to think the same. If you want to think differently, Dave recommends you consciously work on feeding your mind with good dots from a variety of sources to build a broad level of knowledg

FEI Europe 10th Anniversary Welcome Address

Welcome Address by Peter Meier, Founder & Managing Director, Orokoko GmbH With a prompt early morning start of the 10th Anniversary FEI Europe innovation conference, around 45 people were present, with others turning up during the morning, to share the highlights of the previous conferences, and look back at how innovation and the technology landscape has changed over the past 10 years. Peter opened his presentation with a timeline of the top 10 world's biggest companies (market cap) from 2006 to 2016 and we looked at how these top 10 spots had changed over this short window of time from mainly traditional businesses to mainly technology companies. Highlights, favourite quotes, and key