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Funding for a startup

Fundamentals first More often than not, the first comment from a Founder/ entrepreneur who has asked to have a chat is “we just need $X to get underway” (X can equal anything from $100k to $1m), and that they just have to be introduced to someone who will magically provide this money. As we talk a little more to find out how prepared they are for the funds to go into their venture, it usually becomes apparent pretty quickly why they haven’t already attracted the funds, so we change the conversation to talk more about what needs to be thought about for them to build a solid and scaleable business. Sometimes considerable funds of the Founder’s, and others, may have already been invested, and s

Incubating New Zealand business opportunities

We are often asked about the SODA incubation programmes, as well as what else is on offer, and so we spend time talking through the different choices available and the potential pluses and minuses for that entrepreneur with each of those options. Here’s a short summary of what we talk through with them. NZ Founder Incubators There are five Callaghan Innovation-funded Founder Incubators in NZ, who specifically work with entrepreneurs (Founders) and their ideas. The Icehouse in Auckland is the oldest and largest of the Founder Incubators, and Andy Hamilton, their CEO, has taken a key role in championing incubation activities in NZ over the past 15 years. They have their incubation clients pay